How much is a rapid Covid-19 test at CVS Pharmacy

express testing covid in cvs pharmacy

How much does an express topic for Covid 19 cost today in CVS pharmacies ⚡️ when people need accessibility and the ability to get tested for the virus on their own at home.

Today, in the CVS network of pharmacies, customers can purchase one of three express tests available for free sale without a prescription. The main advantage of this type of testing is that the patient can independently perform testing at home.

The result does not imply 100% detection, but allows with a fairly high probability n 70% to determine the presence of a virus in the body.

To get a more accurate result, you should undergo a PCR study at the nearest clinic.

Express tests for Covid-19 in CMS Pharmacy

In any of the pharmacies of the distribution network, the following available kits can be purchased at prices ranging from $24 to $120.

  • Australia-based Ellume – $38.99
  • Laboratories’BinaxNOWcoronavirus self-test kits – $23.99

how mach does coast express covid 19 test in CVS pharmacy

It is necessary to use such a set strictly according to the instructions that are contained in it. The result will be available within 15 minutes after using the kit.


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