Does CVS Pharmacy take my insurance

cvs pharmacy insurance

With the help of insurance, many patients can pay part or all of the cost of drugs at ⚡️ CVS Pharmacy. However, the buyer must first clarify information about his insurance and its application in the pharmacies of the distribution network.

What Types Of Insurance Does CVS Accept?

It’s recommended that you have the support of your insurance company in CVS.

You can view the list of available companies on the official website or the client can independently call the hotline number of his insurance company and find out information about the insurance policy.

Next list of insurance companies work with CVS:

  • Humana Insurance
  • Cigna
  • Anthem Blue Cross
  • United Health Care
  • Aetna
  • Medicaid
  • Medicare

These companies provide the opportunity to undergo an examination with the repayment of part or the full cost of services.

You can also buy prescription drugs or pay part of the cost.

How do you use Insurance at CVS?

In order to receive a drug under an insurance policy, you must present your insurance card to a CVS employee.

After checking your card, the employee will provide information about the available medicines that are included in the insured event or help you choose an analogue by approving it with your doctor.

another insurance at cvs pharmacy

We recommend that you first check the availability of the necessary medicines in the pharmacies of the distribution network. In addition, whether your insurance card covers them or not.

What is the price of medicines and vaccines in CVS Pharmacy without insurance?

Below is the usual cost for some drugs and vaccines.

  • COVID-19 vaccine Free
  • Flu vaccine $69.99
  • Shingles vaccine $180
  • tetanus $77
  • diphtheria $77
  • pertussis $77
  • Anastrozole 1mg $22.5
  • Rizatriptan 10mg $16
  • Fluoxetine 40mg $17
  • Sildenafil 20mg $19

Please check availability at your nearest pharmacy. The CVS Pharmacy app will help you find your nearest pharmacy in seconds.


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