How long to wait for cvs covid results

how long wait results for express test covid 19

Patients do not know how quickly they can get the result of a covid infection test in CVS, in fact, everything depends on the chosen testing method and the queue that is formed in the online appointment system on the company's official website.

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How fast CVS Covid test results

Due to the spread of the Covid 19 epidemic, CVS pharmacy offers express testing for the presence of Covid infection, which takes only 30 minutes from taking a smear to issuing a test result. You can buy 2 type of testing: PCR Covd-19 or Express Test .

All you need:

  • register on the company website
  • choose the right time for testing
  • visit the selected test site
  • take an analysis
  • get the result

how fast get results cvs covid 19

Having visited the nearest testing point, the patient must proceed to a special entrance and, under the supervision of a specialist, take the material for an express test.

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After taking the material for testing, the client needs to wait for the result in a special room or in his car. Any contact with other people can be dangerous due to the possibility of infecting another person.

The entire procedure from the collection of material for research to the issuance of the result takes no more than 30 minutes.

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However, do not forget that express testing does not give a 100% result in the definition of coronavirus infection.

What time does CVS release Covid test results?

There is no exact release date for the results. However, the issuance of the result after taking the material does not take more than half an hour. The patient can wait on the spot for this period of time and receive the result of a laboratory test in his hands or receive it by e-mail.


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